Will Telegram work on my phone / tablet / computer / gadget ?

Yes.  Probably.  Telegram has apps that work on nearly every popular platform…  including Android, iPhone, Chrome Browser on Any Computer, ANY Browser on Any Computer, as well as stand-alone desktop apps for:  Windows,  Mac OSX,  Linux,  and even apps for Windows Phone.  Telegram is free and open source, so you can even Grab the Source Code and compile the programs yourself.  Click here for a complete list of  All Telegram Apps.  Note that we recommend the apps in this order:

What if I don’t have a phone number to register?

You can use any phone number to register.  It’s just an easy identifier that the app uses to know it’s you.  The number is also used to automatically inform your Contacts that you are also on Telegram.  If you don’t care about that, you can register just about any phone number… as long as you are able to receive an SMS text message on that number, or a voice phone call to that number, once each time you add a new device… or each time you login to a new browser you’ve never used before.   Note that if you click Log Out, you will also have to be able to receive an SMS text message or phone call again… to log in again.  Even if you use a number that none of your friends know, you will still see that they have Telegram ( if their phone number is in your phone’s Contacts )… and you can initiate the first message to them, if you want to.  One example is:  You can register using your Google Voice number… so that nobody gets your actual phone number… and you can easily receive SMS messages sent to your Google Voice number no matter where in the world you happen to be.

What if I am traveling between countries and I don’t have access to my normal phone number to register on the Telegram app?

You can either register an account on your main phone number before you travel…  Or, you can wait and register a new account on a new local number once you’ve arrived at your destination.  Or, you could even register your number that’s back at home… while you’re travelling… as long as someone is back at home who could answer your phone and immediately tell you the code that the system calls and gives.  Keep in mind that if you log off of Telegram and try to log on again, it will do the verification call again.   Also, every new device you log on from, and every new browser you log on from, the system will do the verification call again.  However, as long as you stay logged on… it won’t need to do the verification call again.

I’m getting too many beeps and noises from too many incoming messages.  What can I do?

Of course, you can ask to be added to any, or all, of our chat groups.  However, some of our chat groups are very active.  You can turn the notification sounds OFF for any specific chat groups.  Take a look at the photo at the very bottom of this page… which shows you how.  By turning notifications off, you’ll still be able to read those chat groups if/when you want to… but they won’t beep and bother you.   Also, remember, you can leave any chat group completely at any time.  But if you leave, you won’t be able to read the messages in that room any more, and you won’t be able to join that room again unless you ask to be added to it again.

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